My photography specialization is embedded in landscape and architectural fields. I am interested in how society or individuals transform and shape environment and what influences may contribute to changes in our surroundings.

My practice is being informed by geography and larger cultural framework including politics, architecture and art. Even though my landscape photographs mainly depict elements of human habitation, industry, infrastructure or tourism, I remain in contact with natural landscape as well.

I tend to work with strong sense of narrative that is reflected in my approach to a subject matter through aesthetic consideration, research, intuition or time and this conduces to resulting images.

Born in former Czechoslovakia, I initially studied and completed HND in Mechanical Engineering. After a short career as a musician I moved to the UK and began to be interested in photography. When I arrived in Edinburgh, I started to study short courses that were loosely connected to photography in Edinburgh University. Later on I completed Diploma in Interpersonal Communication with emphasis on Intercultural Communication at University of London (Birkbeck College). I am self-taught and started my learning process with film in dark room at home. I continue using both analog and digital media for my practice. I am currently based in London.